• Climate, air pollution and energy in Hungary 

      Seip, Hans Martin; Aunan, Kristin; Bándi, Gyula; Haugland, Torleif; Matlary, Janne Haaland; Szlávik, János; Tajthy, Edith; Tajthy, Tihamér; Aaheim, H. Asbjørn (CICERO Report;1995:02, Research report, 1995)
      Within five to ten years, Hungary will have to design an overall environmental policy. In the meantime, Hungarian decision makers have an opportunity to make preparations in order to meet domestic as well as global ...
    • Effect of European post-Kyoto Climate Policies on Nordic Air Quality 

      Rypdal, Kristin; Rive, Nathan; Aunan, Kristin; Åström, Stefan; Bak, Jesper L.; Karvosenoja, Niko; Kupiainen, Kaarle (CICERO Report;2007:01, Research report, 2007)
      Stricter commitments for GHG emissions in the post-Kyoto period will contribute to reduced emissions of air pollutants in the Nordic countries, avoided costs for end-of-pipe abatement to reach a specific target, and benefits ...
    • Exposure-response functions for health effects of air pollutants based on epidemiological findings 

      Aunan, Kristin (CICERO Report;1995:08, Research report, 1995)
      Quantitative knowledge about health damage due to air pollution is an important element in analyses of cost-effective abatement strategies, and it is also essential for setting Air Quality Standards. In this context ...
    • Health and environmental benefits from the implementation of an energy saving program in Hungary 

      Aunan, Kristin; Pátzay, G.; Aaheim, H. Asbjørn; Seip, Hans Martin (CICERO Report;1997:01, Research report, 1997)
      The aim of this study is to assess the cost and benefit of implementing a specific energy saving program in Hungary. We have considered the possible reduced damage to public health, materials and agricultural crops that ...
    • Health benefits from reducing PM2.5 pollution in Hebei, China 

      Aunan, Kristin; Skeie, Ragnhild Bieltvedt (CICERO Report;2016:10, Research report, 2016)
    • Utslipp til luft fra oljeindustrien: Tiltak, kostnader og virkemidler 

      Dragsund, Egil; Aunan, Kristin; Godal, Odd; Haugom, Gerd Petra; Holtsmark, Bjart (CICERO Report;1999:02, Research report, 1999)
      Denne rapporten beskriver utviklingen i forurensende utslipp til luft fra oljeindustrien i Norge sammenlignet bidraget fra andre sektorer. Viktige tiltak som har bidratt til en reduksjon i utslippene per produsert enhet ...