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  • Tensio 

    CICERO Shades of Green AS (Report, 2021-04-20)
    Category: Second Opinion, Sector: Energy, Issuer type: Corporate, Shading: Dark Green
  • Platzer Fastigheter 

    CICERO Shades of Green AS (Report, 2021-06-07)
    Category: Second Opinion, Sector: Real Estate, Issuer type: Corporate, Shading: N/A
  • Asian Development Bank (ADB) 

    CICERO Shades of Green AS (Report, 2021-08-10)
    Category: Second Opinion, Sector: Development, Issuer type: Financial Institution, Shading: Medium Green
  • MSc: Changes in radiative forcing due to clear-cutting in Sweden; PhD: The role of land-atmosphere interactions on temperature variability and extremes in Fennoscandia 

    Mužić, Iris; Vestin, Patrik; Lindroth, Anders; Mölder, Meelis; Biermann, Tobias; Heliasz, Michal; Rinne, Janne; Berntsen, Terje Koren; Hodnebrog, Øivind; Sillmann, Jana; Yilmaz, Yeliz A. (Conference object, 2021)
  • Kristiansands klimagassutslipp mot 2030: Referansebane og tiltakspakker 

    Korsbakken, Jan Ivar; Romundstad, Reidun Marie; Madslien, Anne (CICERO Report;2020:05, Report, 2021)
    CICERO Senter for Klimaforskning og Transportøkonomisk institutt (TØI) har utarbeidet en beregningsmodell og et sett med framskrivinger for klimagassutslipp i Kristiansand kommune fram til 2030. Framskrivingene omfatter ...
  • Fossilfri anleggsvirksomhet, Innlandet fylkeskommune 

    Romundstad, Reidun Marie; Aamaas, Borgar (CICERO Report;2021:03, Report, 2021)
    Dette notatet tar for seg direkte utslipp fra anleggsmaskiner på anleggsplass, og er utarbeidet av CICERO Senter for klimaforskning på oppdrag fra Innlandet fylkeskommune, avdeling Samferdsel, Trafikk og miljø. Tema som ...
  • Republic of Indonesia (ROI) 

    CICERO Shades of Green AS (Report, 2021-09-01)
    Category: Second Opinion, Sector: National Government, Issuer type: National Government, Shading: Medium Green
  • WING Group 

    CICERO Shades of Green AS (Report, 2021-08-18)
    Category: Second Opinion, Sector: Real Estate, Issuer type: Corporate, Shading: Light Green
  • The impacts of the EU ETS on Norwegian plants’ environmental and economic performance 

    Klemetsen, Marit Elisabeth; Rosendahl, Knut Einar; Lund, Anja Jakobsen (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    This paper examines the impacts of the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) on the environmental and economic performance of Norwegian plants. The ETS is regarded as the cornerstone climate policy in the EU and Norway, but ...
  • Future changes in atmospheric rivers and Extreme precipitation in Norway 

    Whan, Kirien; Sillmann, Jana; Schaller, Nathalie; Haarsma, Reindert J. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    Flooding events associated with extreme precipitation have had large impacts in Norway. It is well known that these Heavy precipitation events afecting Norway (and other parts of Europe) are strongly associated with ...
  • The role of spatial and temporal model resolution in a flood event storyline approach in western Norway 

    Schaller, Nathalie; Sillmann, Jana; Müller, Malte; Haarsma, Reindert; Hazeleger, Wilco; Hegdahl, Trine Jahr; Kelder, Timo; van den Oord, Gijs; Weerts, Albrecht; Whan, Kirien (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    We apply a physical climate storyline approach to an autumn flood event in the West Coast of Norway caused by an atmospheric river to demonstrate the value and challenges of higher spatial and temporal resolution in ...
  • Under what conditions will the paris process produce a cycle of increasing ambition sufficient to reach the 2°c goal? 

    Sælen, Håkon (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    The Paris Agreement establishes a cycle where parties submit their nationally determined contributions (NDCs) every five years. First-round NDCs fail to put emissions on a path consistent with achieving the Agreement’s 2°C ...
  • The global methane budget 2000-2017 

    Saunois, Marielle; Stavert, Ann R.; Poulter, Ben; Bousquet, Philippe; Canadell, Josep G.; Jackson, Robert B.; Raymond, Peter A.; Dlugokencky, Edward J.; Houweling, Sander; Patra, Prabir K.; Ciais, Philippe; Arora, Vivek K.; Bastviken, David; Bergamaschi, Peter; Blake, Donald R.; Brailsford, Gordon; Bruhwiler, Lori; Carlson, Kimberly M.; Carrol, Mark; Castaldi, Simona; Chandra, Naveen; Crevoisier, Cyril; Crill, Patrick M.; Covey, Kristofer; Curry, Charles L.; Etiope, Giuseppe; Frankenberg, Christian; Gedney, Nicola; Hegglin, Michaela I.; Hoglund-Isaksson, Lena; Hugelius, Gustaf; Ishizawa, Misa; Ito, Akihiko; Janssens-Maenhout, Greet; Jensen, Katherine M.; Joos, Fortunat; Kleinen, Thomas; Krummel, Paul B.; Langenfelds, Ray L.; Laruelle, Goulven G.; Liu, Licheng; Machida, Toshinobu; Maksyutov, Shamil; McDonald, Kyle C.; McNorton, Joe; Miller, Paul A.; Melton, Joe R.; Morino, Isamu; Müller, Jurek; Murguia-Flores, Fabiola; Naik, Vaishali; Niwa, Yosuke; Noce, Sergio; O'Doherty, Simon; Parker, Robert J.; Peng, Changhui; Peng, Shushi; Peters, Glen Philip; Prigent, Catherine; Prinn, Ronald G.; Ramonet, Michel; Regnier, Pierre; Riley, William J.; Rosentreter, Judith A.; Segers, Arjo; Simpson, Isobel J.; Shi, Hao; Smith, Steven J.; Steele, L. Paul; Thornton, Brett F.; Tian, Hanqin; Tohjima, Yasunori; Tubiello, Francesco N.; Tsuruta, Aki; Viovy, Nicolas; Voulgarakis, Apostolos; Weber, Thomas S.; Van Weele, Michiel; Van Der Werf, Guido R.; Weiss, Ray F.; Worthy, Doug; Wunch, Debra; Yin, Yi; Yoshida, Yukio; Zhang, Wenxin; Zhang, Zhen; Zhao, Yuanhong; Zheng, Bo; Zhu, Qing; Zhu, Qiuan; Zhuang, Qianlai (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    Understanding and quantifying the global methane (CH4) budget is important for assessing realistic pathways to mitigate climate change. Atmospheric emissions and concentrations of CH4 continue to increase, making CH4 the ...
  • Black Carbon and Precipitation: An Energetics Perspective 

    Sand, Maria; Samset, Bjørn Hallvard; Tsigaridis, Kostas; Bauer, Susanne E.; Myhre, Gunnar (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    Black carbon (BC) aerosols influence precipitation through a range of processes. The climate response to the presence of BC is however highly dependent on its vertical distribution. Here, we analyze the changes in the ...
  • How aerosols and greenhouse gases influence the diurnal temperature range 

    Stjern, Camilla Weum; Samset, Bjørn Hallvard; Boucher, Olivier; Iversen, Trond; Lamarque, Jean-Francois; Myhre, Gunnar; Shindell, Drew; Takemura, Toshihiko (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    The diurnal temperature range (DTR) (or difference between the maximum and minimum temperature within a day) is one of many climate parameters that affects health, agriculture and society. Understanding how DTR evolves ...
  • Delayed emergence of a global temperature response after emission mitigation 

    Samset, Bjørn Hallvard; Fuglestvedt, Jan S.; Lund, Marianne Tronstad (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    A major step towards achieving the goals of the Paris agreement would be a measurable change in the evolution of global warming in response to mitigation of anthropogenic emissions. The inertia and internal variability of ...
  • Historical total ozone radiative forcing derived from CMIP6 simulations 

    Skeie, Ragnhild Bieltvedt; Myhre, Gunnar; Hodnebrog, Øivind; Cameron-Smith, Philip J.; Deushi, Makoto; Hegglin, Michaela I.; Horowitz, Larry W.; Kramer, Ryan J.; Michou, Martine; Mills, Michael J.; Oliviè, Dirk Jan Leo; O’Connor, Fiona M.; Paynter, David; Samset, Bjørn Hallvard; Sellar, Alistair; Shindell, Drew; Takemura, Toshihiko; Tilmes, Simone; Wu, Tongwen (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    Radiative forcing (RF) time series for total ozone from 1850 up to the present day are calculated based on historical simulations of ozone from 10 climate models contributing to the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project ...
  • Mapping ice in the Norwegian Arctic – on the edge between science and policy 

    Bay-Larsen, Ingrid Agathe; Bjørndal, Tone Gjesdal; Hermansen, Erlend Andre T. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    n the Norwegian Arctic, petroleum exploration is prohibited north of the ice edge (the zone between solid sea ice and open ocean); the mapping and definition of the ice edge becomes the boundary for petroleum exploration. ...
  • The Spectral Nature of Stratospheric Temperature Adjustment and its Application to Halocarbon Radiative Forcing 

    Shine, Keith Peter; Myhre, Gunnar (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    Stratospheric temperature adjustment (STA) is often a significant component of greenhouse gas radiative forcing (RF), for both the most widely used definition of RF and effective radiative forcing. It is well established ...
  • European anthropogenic AFOLU greenhouse gas emissions: A review and benchmark data 

    Petrescu, Ana Maria Roxana; Peters, Glen Philip; Janssens-Maenhout, Greet; Ciais, Philippe; Tubiello, Francesco N.; Grassi, Giacomo; Nabuurs, Gert-Jan; Leip, Adrian; Carmona-Garcia, Gema; Winiwarter, Wilfried; Höglund-Isaksson, Lena; Günther, Dirk; Solazzo, Efisio; Kiesow, Anja; Bastos, Ana; Pongratz, Julia; Nabel, Julia E.M.S.; Conchedda, Giulia; Pilli, Roberto; Andrew, Robbie; Schelhaas, Mart-Jan; Dolman, Albertus J. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    Emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and removals from land, including both anthropogenic and natural fluxes, require reliable quantification, including estimates of uncertainties, to support credible mitigation action under ...

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