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  • Индустрия переработки твердых коммунальных отходов на пути к «зеленому» росту 

    Klyuchnikova, Elena; Orlov, Anton; Korppoo, Anna (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
    В статье анализируется национальная (Российская Федерация) и региональная (Мурманская область) политика в сфере обращения с отходами с позиции концепции «зеленого роста» и дается экологическая и экономическая оценка её ...
  • Environmental and nutritional assessment of young children's diets in Norway: comparing the current diet with national dietary guidelines and the EAT-Lancet reference diet 

    Wright, Ellen Cecilie; van Oort, Bob; Bjøntegaard, Marie Michaelsen; Carlsen, Monica Hauger; Andersen, Lene Frost (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Purpose Introducing healthy and sustainable diets early in life can promote lifelong healthy dietary patterns with a low environmental impact. Therefore, we aimed to estimate the environmental and nutritional consequences ...
  • A review of coarse mineral dust in the Earth system 

    Adebiyi, Adeyemi; Kok, Jasper F.; Murray, Benjamin J.; Ryder, Claire L.; Stuut, Jan-Berend W.; Kahn, Ralph A.; Knippertz, Peter; Formenti, Paola; Mahowald, Natalie M.; Pérez García-Pando, Carlos; Klose, Martina; Ansmann, Albert; Samset, Bjørn Hallvard; Ito, Akinori; Balkanski, Yves; Di Biagio, Claudia; Romanias, Manolis N.; Huang, Yue; Meng, Jun (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Mineral dust particles suspended in the atmosphere span more than three orders of magnitude in diameter, from <0.1 μm to more than 100 μm. This wide size range makes dust a unique aerosol species with the ability to interact ...
  • Representing storylines with causal networks to support decision making: Framework and example 

    Kunimitsu, Taro; Baldissera Pacchetti, Marina; Ciullo, Alessio; Sillmann, Jana; Shepherd, Theodore G.; Taner, Mehmet Ümit; van den Hurk, Bart (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Physical climate storylines, which are physically self-consistent unfoldings of events or pathways, have been powerful tools in understanding regional climate impacts. We show how embedding physical climate storylines into ...
  • Indicate separate contributions of long-lived and short-lived greenhouse gases in emission targets 

    Allen, Myles R.; Peters, Glen Philip; Shine, Keith P.; Azar, Christian; Balcombe, Paul; Boucher, Olivier; Cain, Michelle; Ciais, Philippe; Collins, William; Forster, Piers M.; Frame, Dave J.; Friedlingstein, Pierre; Fyson, Claire; Gasser, Thomas; Hare, Bill; Jenkins, Stuart; Hamburg, Steven P.; Johansson, Daniel J.A.; Lynch, John; Macey, Adrian.; Morfeldt, Johannes; Nauels, Alexander; Ocko, Ilissa; Oppenheimer, Michael; Pacala, Stephen W.; Pierrehumbert, Raymond T.; Rogeli, Joeri; Schaeffer, Michiel; Schleussner, Carl-Friedrich; Shindell, Drew; Skeie, Ragnhild Bieltvedt; Smith, Stephen M.; Tanaka, Katsumasa (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
    As researchers who have published over recent years on the issue of comparing the climate effects of different greenhouse gases, we would like to highlight a simple innovation that would enhance the transparency of stocktakes ...

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