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    • HGR Property Partners 

      CICERO Shades of Green AS (Report, 2022-05-10)
      Category: Second Opinion, Sector: Real Estate, Issuer type: Corporate, Shading: Medium Green
    • Aurskog Sparebank 

      CICERO Shades of Green AS (Report, 2022-05-04)
      Category: Second Opinion, Sector: Banking, Issuer type: Financial Institution, Shading: Light Green
    • Folk og klima: Utvikling i nordmenns oppfatninger om klimaendringer, klimapolitikk og eget ansvar 2018-2021 

      Aasen, Marianne; Klemetsen, Marit Elisabeth; Vatn, Arild (CICERO Report;2022:07, Research report, 2022-05)
      Denne rapporten gir en oversikt over noen deskriptive resultater fra fire spørreundersøkelser gjort i prosjektet ACT (‘From targets to action: public responses to climate policy instruments’) som er finansiert av Norges ...
    • Barrierer for klimatilpasning på lokalt og regionalt nivå 

      Vindegg, Mikkel; Christensen, Ingrid; All, Carlo; Arnslett, Astrid; Tønnesen, Anders; Klemetsen, Marit; Temesgen, Amsale Kassahun; Hovelsrud, Grete K.; Selseng, Torbjørn (CICERO Report;2022:03, Report, 2022-05)
      På oppdrag fra Miljødirektoratet har CICERO, Vestlandsforskning og Nordlandsforskning gjennomført en studie av barrierer for klimatilpasning på lokalt og regionalt nivå. Studien består av en kunnskapssammenstilling om ...
    • Description of a 1.5°C scenario with chosen measures 

      Cappelen, Ådne; Glomsrød, Solveig; Lindholt, Lars; Rosendahl, Knut Einar; Wei, Taoyuan (CICERO Report;2022:08, Report, 2022-05)
      In the Paris Agreement, it was agreed to limit global warming to well below 2°C, and preferably to 1.5°C, compared to pre-industrial levels. At the follow-up meeting in Glasgow in 2021, the goal was strengthened to 1.5°C. ...
    • Statkraft 

      CICERO Shades of Green AS (Report, 2022-04-19)
      Category: Second Opinion, Sector: Energy, Issuer type: Corporate, Shading: Dark Green
    • Assessment of the European Climate Projections as Simulated by the Large EURO-CORDEX Regional and Global Climate Model Ensemble 

      Coppola, Erika; Nogherotto, Rita; Ciarlo', James M.; Giorgi, Filippo; Van Meijgaard, Erik; Kadygrov, N.; Iles, Carley; Corre, Lola; Sandstad, Marit; Somot, Samuel; Nabat, Pierre; Vautard, Robert; Levavasseur, Guillaume; Schwingshackl, Clemens; Sillmann, Jana; Kjellström, Erik; Nikulin, Grigory; Aalbers, Emma; Lenderink, Geert; Christensen, Ole Bøssing; Boberg, Fredrik; Sørland, Silje Lund; Demory, Marie-Estelle; Bülow, Katharina; Teichmann, Claas; Warrach-Sagi, Kirsten; Wulfmeyer, Volker (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      This paper analyzes the ensemble of regional climate model (RCM) projections for Europe completed within the EURO-CORDEX project. Projections are available for the two greenhouse gas concentration scenarios RCP2.6 (22 ...
    • The EU needs a demand-driven innovation policy for climate services 

      Hermansen, Erlend Andre T.; Sillmann, Jana; Vigo, Ilaria; Whittlesey, Sam (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      Climate services have climbed high on the agenda of EU research policy, yet few contributions have reflected on the actual usability of climate services from the perspectives of the intended users, let alone the implications ...
    • Three Decades of Climate Mitigation: Why Haven't We Bent the Global Emissions Curve? 

      Stoddard, Isak; Anderson, Kevin; Capstick, Stuart; Carton, Wim; Depledge, Joanna; Facer, Keri; Gough, Clair; Hache, Frederic; Hoolohan, Claire; Hultman, Martin; Hällström, Niclas; Kartha, Sivan; Klinsky, Sonja; Kuchler, Magdalena; Lövbrand, Eva; Nasiritousi, Naghmeh; Newell, Peter; Peters, Glen Philip; Sokona, Youba; Stirling, Andy; Stilwell, Matthew; Spash, Clive L.; Williams, Mariama (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      Despite three decades of political efforts and a wealth of research on the causes and catastrophic impacts of climate change, global carbon dioxide emissions have continued to rise and are 60% higher today than they were ...
    • Ten-year return levels of sub-daily extreme precipitation over Europe 

      Poschlod, Benjamin; Ludwig, Ralf; Sillmann, Jana (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      Information on the frequency and intensity of extreme precipitation is required by public authorities, civil security departments, and engineers for the design of buildings and the dimensioning of water management and ...
    • Influence of weather situation on non-CO2 aviation climate effects: The REACT4C climate change functions 

      Frömming, Christine; Grewe, Volker; Brinkop, Sabine; Jöckel, Patrick; Søvde, Ole Amund; Rosanka, Simon; Van Manen, Jesper; Matthes, Sigrun (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      Emissions of aviation include CO2, H2O, NOx, sulfur oxides, and soot. Many studies have investigated the annual mean climate impact of aviation emissions. While CO2 has a long atmospheric residence time and is almost ...
    • Metodikk for framstilling av klimaeffekt på kort og lang sikt 

      Aamaas, Borgar; Berntsen, Terje Koren (CICERO Report, Research report, 2021)
      CICERO Senter for klimaforskning har på oppdrag fra Miljødirektoratet utviklet og illustrert metodikk for framstilling av klimaeffekt på kort og lang sikt. Vi har vurdert klimaeffekt på to forskjellige måter, med vektfaktorer ...
    • Temporal–spatial evolution and influencing factors of coordinated development of the population, resources, economy and environment (Pree) system: Evidence from 31 provinces in China 

      Cao, Junjie; Zhang, Yao; Wei, Taoyuan; Sun, Hui (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      Facing the increasingly severe friction among the domains of population, resources, economy and environment (PREE) in a system, theoretical guidance for the sustainable development of a PREE system can be obtained by ...
    • Carbon dioxide removal policy in the making: Assessing developments in 9 OECD cases 

      Schenuit, Felix; Colvin, Rebecca; Fridahl, Mathias; McMullin, Barry; Reisinger, Andy; Sanchez, Daniel L.; Smith, Stephen M.; Torvanger, Asbjørn; Wreford, Anita; Geden, Oliver (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      Since the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015, spurred by the 2018 IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C, net zero emission targets have emerged as a new organizing principle of climate policy. In this context, ...
    • Adaptation interventions and their effect on vulnerability in developing countries: Help, hindrance or irrelevance? 

      Eriksen, Siri Ellen Hallstrøm; Schipper, Lisa; Scoville-Simonds, Morgan; Vincent, Katharine; Adam, Hans Nicolai; Brooks, Nick; Harding, Brian; Khatri, Dil B.; Lenaerts, Lutgart; Liverman, Diana; Mills-Novoa, Megan; Mosberg, Marianne; Movik, Synne; Muok, Benard; Nightingale, Andrea Joslyn; Ojha, Hemant; Sygna, Linda; Taylor, Marcus; Vogel, Coleen; West, Jennifer Joy (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    • Modifying emissions scenario projections to account for the effects of COVID-19: Protocol for CovidMIP 

      Lamboll, Robin; Jones, Chris D.; Skeie, Ragnhild Bieltvedt; Fiedler, Stephanie; Samset, Bjørn Hallvard; Gillett, Nathan P.; Rogelj, Joeri; Forster, Piers M. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      Lockdowns to avoid the spread of COVID-19 have created an unprecedented reduction in human emissions. While the country-level scale of emissions changes can be estimated in near real time, the more detailed, gridded emissions ...
    • Corporate social responsibility disclosure, media reports, and enterprise innovation: Evidence from chinese listed companies 

      Wu, Shilei; Zhang, Hongjie; Wei, Taoyuan (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      Given the limited response of enterprises to China’s national policy on the compulsory disclosure of corporate social responsibility (CSR), a deviation has occurred between policy orientation and reality. To explore the ...
    • Business Models for Negative Emissions From Waste-to-Energy Plants 

      Torvanger, Asbjørn (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      Negative emissions of carbon dioxide will likely be needed to meet the <2°C warming above the pre-industrial level goal of the Paris Agreement. A major technology option is combining Biomass Energy with Carbon Capture and ...
    • Competing effects of aerosol reductions and circulation changes for future improvements in Beijing haze 

      Guo, Liang; Wilcox, Laura J.; Bollasina, Massimo; Turnock, Steven T.; Lund, Marianne Tronstad; Zhang, Lixia (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      Despite local emission reductions, severe haze events remain a serious issue in Beijing. Previous studies have suggested that both greenhouse gas increases and aerosol decreases are likely to increase the frequency of ...
    • A future perspective of historical contributions to climate change 

      Skeie, Ragnhild Bieltvedt; Peters, Glen Philip; Fuglestvedt, Jan S.; Andrew, Robbie (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      Countries’ historical contributions to climate change have been on the agenda for more than two decades and will most likely continue to be an element in future international discussions and negotiations on climate. Previous ...