• Marine cloud brightening – as effective without clouds 

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    • Near- and long-term global warming of current emissions 

      Lund, Marianne Tronstad; Stjern, Camilla Weum; Samset, Bjørn Hallvard; Aamaas, Borgar; Kallbekken, Steffen (CICERO Report;2018:15, Research report, 2018-11-05)
      Human activities influence the climate in a range of ways. While emissions of CO2 from burning of fossil fuels is the dominant factor behind the present rapid global warming, many other gases and particles also contribute. ...
    • The climate impacts of current black carbon and organic carbon emissions 

      Aamaas, Borgar; Lund, Marianne Tronstad; Myhre, Gunnar; Samset, Bjørn Hallvard; Stjern, Camilla Weum; Kallbekken, Steffen (CICERO Report;2018:08, Research report, 2018-06-20)
      In Part 1, we present a summary of recent research into the climate impact of black and organic carbon. There have been many developments on the research front in recent years, and this rapid pace is expected to continue. ...
    • The Time Scales of Climate Responses to Carbon Dioxide and Aerosols 

      Stjern, Camilla Weum; Forster, Piers M.; Jia, Hailing; Jouan, Caroline; Kasoar, Matthew R.; Myhre, Gunnar; Oliviè, Dirk Jan Leo; Quaas, Johannes; Samset, Bjørn Hallvard; Sand, Maria; Takemura, Toshihiro; Voulgarakis, Apostolos; Wells, Christopher D. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
      The climate system responds to changes in the amount of atmospheric greenhouse gases or aerosols through rapid processes, triggered within hours and days, and through slower processes, where the full response may only be ...