• Decision criteria under uncertainty and the climate problem 

      Froyn, Camilla Bretteville (CICERO Working Paper;1999:10, Working paper, 1999)
      This working paper examines some of the decision criteria suggested by theories on decision making under uncertainty. This is done by applying the criteria to the problem of global warming. It is shown that even if there ...
    • Decision-making frameworks for climate policy under uncertainty 

      Aaheim, H. Asbjørn; Froyn, Camilla Bretteville (CICERO Working Paper;2001:02, Working paper, 2001)
    • Option values and the timing of climate policy 

      Froyn, Camilla Bretteville; Aaheim, H. Asbjørn (CICERO Working Paper;2003:04, Working paper, 2003)
      This paper reconsiders the importance of irreversibilities in climate change policy. The model presented here captures the irreversibility of both climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions and abatement technology ...