• A macroeconomic assessment of impacts and adaptation to climate change in Europe 

      Aaheim, H. Asbjørn; Amundsen, Helene; Dokken, Therese; Ericson, Torgeir; Wei, Taoyuan (CICERO Report;2009:06, Research report, 2009)
    • A Model for Global Responses to Anthropogenic Changes in the Environment (GRACE) 

      Aaheim, H. Asbjørn; Rive, Nathan (CICERO Report;2005:05, Research report, 2005)
      The GRACE model is a multi-sector, multi-regional, recursive dynamic computable general equilibrium model. It was developed for long-term economic analysis of climate change impacts and greenhouse gas abatement policy. The ...
    • Climate, air pollution and energy in Hungary 

      Seip, Hans Martin; Aunan, Kristin; Bándi, Gyula; Haugland, Torleif; Matlary, Janne Haaland; Szlávik, János; Tajthy, Edith; Tajthy, Tihamér; Aaheim, H. Asbjørn (CICERO Report;1995:02, Research report, 1995)
      Within five to ten years, Hungary will have to design an overall environmental policy. In the meantime, Hungarian decision makers have an opportunity to make preparations in order to meet domestic as well as global ...
    • Climate strategy for Africa 

      Hernes, Helga; Dalfelt, Arne; Berntsen, Terje; Holtsmark, Bjart; Næss, Lars Otto; Selrod, Rolf; Aaheim, H. Asbjørn (CICERO Report;1995:03, Research report, 1995)
      1. General observations Africa south of the Sahara is probably the most vulnerable region when it comes to the impact and consequences of climate changes. Yet the African continent runs a serious risk of being marginalized ...
    • Economic impacts of climate change on tuna fisheries in Fiji Islands and Kiribati 

      Aaheim, H. Asbjørn; Sygna, Linda (CICERO Report;2000:04, Research report, 2000)
      This paper discusses the possible economic consequences of a change in the tuna fisheries in the Pacific Ocean resulting from climate change. On the background of Lehodey's (2000) study of potential changes in the tuna ...
    • Exploring distribution of commitments: A follow-up to the Berlin Mandate 

      Torvanger, Asbjørn; Berntsen, Terje; Fuglestvedt, Jan S.; Holtsmark, Bjart; Ringius, Lasse; Aaheim, H. Asbjørn (CICERO Report;1996:03, Research report, 1996)
      The study reviews and analyzes some major issues that must be considered when defining principles for distributing commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for countries belonging to the Organization for Economic ...
    • Geopolitiske virkninger av lavutslippssamfunnet 

      Aamodt, Solveig; Aakre, Stine; Gullberg, Anne Therese; Bang, Guri; Aaheim, H. Asbjørn; Glomsrød, Solveig; Westskog, Hege; Underdal, Arild (CICERO Report;2015:03, Research report, 2015)
      I denne rapporten presenteres hovedfunn fra ny forskning som belyser geopolitiske virkninger av overgangen til lavutslippssamfunnet og hvilke konsekvenser denne utviklingen har for Norge. Det vektlegges at en ny global ...
    • GRACE model and applications 

      Aaheim, H. Asbjørn; Orlov, Anton; Wei, Taoyuan; Glomsrød, Solveig (CICERO Reports;2018:01, Research report, 2018-01-29)
      This report is a documentation of the GRACE model. GRACE is a computable general equilibrium model aimed at supporting studies of the global consequences of human activities that affect the drivers of climate change. The ...
    • Health and environmental benefits from the implementation of an energy saving program in Hungary 

      Aunan, Kristin; Pátzay, G.; Aaheim, H. Asbjørn; Seip, Hans Martin (CICERO Report;1997:01, Research report, 1997)
      The aim of this study is to assess the cost and benefit of implementing a specific energy saving program in Hungary. We have considered the possible reduced damage to public health, materials and agricultural crops that ...
    • Impacts of climate change on travel habits: A national assessment based on individual choices 

      Aaheim, H. Asbjørn; Hauge, Karen Evelyn (CICERO Report;2005:07, Research report, 2005)
      Impacts of climate change on the choice of transport mode for local trips are estimated from data for the city of Bergen in Norway. By means of a climate scenario for other main cities, the impacts for Norway are assessed ...
    • Impacts of climate change to the global economy in the ENSEMBLES +2 °C scenario E1 

      Wei, Taoyuan; Aaheim, H. Asbjørn (CICERO Report;2010:01, Research report, 2010)
    • Joint Implementation under the Climate Convention: Phases, options and incentives 

      Torvanger, Asbjørn; Fuglestvedt, Jan S.; Hagem, Cathrine; Ringius, Lasse; Selrod, Rolf; Aaheim, H. Asbjørn (CICERO Report;1994:06, Research report, 1994)
      The aim of this report is to analyze the conditions under which Joint Implementation (JI) can contribute to a costeffective abatement of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. JI refers to policies and measures implemented ...
    • Klimagasskvoter på sokkelen 

      Torvanger, Asbjørn; Godal, Odd; Kolshus, Hans H.; Aaheim, H. Asbjørn (CICERO Report;2002:01, Research report, 2002)
      Formålet med denne rapporten er å utrede fordeler og ulemper ved frivillig tilknytning til et kvotesystem for klimagasser på bedriftsnivå, og fordeler og ulemper knyttet til ulike allokeringsmekanismer for klimagasskvoter ...
    • Konsekvenser av klimaendringer, tilpasning og sårbarhet i Norge. Rapport til Klimatilpasningsutvalget 

      Aaheim, H. Asbjørn; Dannevig, Halvor; Ericson, Torgeir; Oort, Bob van; Innbjør, Linda; Rauken, Trude; Veennemo, Haakon; Johansen, Hege; Tofteng, Maja; Aall, Carlo; Groven, Kyrre; Heiberg, Eli (CICERO Report;2009:04, Research report, 2009)
    • Many gases and many measures: Choice of targets and selection of measures in climate policy 

      Aaheim, H. Asbjørn (CICERO Report;1997:04, Research report, 1997)
      This report discusses the economic impacts of taking a comprehensive approach to climate policy. A comprehensive climate policy implies that all relevant sources, sinks and reservoirs of climate gases are covered. From the ...
    • Oppdatering av kunnskap om konsekvenser av klimaendringer i Norge 

      Aall, Carlo; Aamaas, Borgar; Aaheim, H. Asbjørn; Alnes, Kristina; Oort, Bob van; Dannevig, Halvor; Hønsi, Torunn (CICERO Report;2018:14, Research report, 2018)
      Formålet med denne rapporten er å sammenstille det eksisterende kunnskapsgrunnlaget om konsekvenser av klimaendringer for Norge. De følgende fire problemstillinger blir belyst med tanke på hvordan kunnskapsutviklingen har ...
    • Social exclusion and unemployment in the European Union: Current and future trends 

      Aaheim, H. Asbjørn; Twena, Michelle (CICERO Report;2005:01, Research report, 2005)
      This report analyses trends for the development of social exclusion in member states of the European Union. Relationships between indicators for economic development and social exclusion are examined with reference to ...
    • Socio-economic consequences of climate change in Hindu-Kush Himalaya 

      Aaheim, H. Asbjørn; Dhakal, Kabindra; Orlov, Anton (CICERO Report;2017:07, Research report, 2017-11-13)
      The answer to how climate change will affect Hindu-Kush-Himalaya depends on whom you ask. Some will point at expected changes in climate, others will show what it may do to poor people, and some will express their concerns ...
    • Sources of conflicts in climate policy within the EU: An economic analysis 

      Aaheim, H. Asbjørn; Froyn, Camilla Bretteville (CICERO Report;1999:03, Research report, 1999)
      This report is a part of a study of the potential for the EU to take on leadership in the climate negotiations. The aim of this part is to sort out factors that may explain the different economic interests in cutting ...
    • Study to develop practical guidelines for "Joint Implementation" under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change 

      Hanisch, Ted; Selrod, Rolf; Torvanger, Asbjørn; Aaheim, H. Asbjørn (CICERO Report;1993:02, Research report, 1993)
      In December 1991, the OECD Environment and Development Ministers directed OECD "to initiate work on mechanisms to facilitate joint implementation, in a cost effective manner, of commitments on greenhouse gases." This report ...