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    • Health and environmental benefits from the implementation of an energy saving program in Hungary 

      Aunan, Kristin; Pátzay, G.; Aaheim, H. Asbjørn; Seip, Hans Martin (CICERO Report;1997:01, Research report, 1997)
      The aim of this study is to assess the cost and benefit of implementing a specific energy saving program in Hungary. We have considered the possible reduced damage to public health, materials and agricultural crops that ...
    • Health Benefits and Costs of Clean Heating Renovation: An Integrated Assessment in a Major Chinese City 

      Zhao, Bin; Zhao, Jing; Zha, Hao; Hu, Ruolan; Liu, Yalu; Liang, Chengrui; Shi, Hongrong; Chen, Simiao; Guo, Yue; Zhang, Da; Aunan, Kristin; Zhang, Shaojun; Zhang, Xiliang; Xue, Lan; Wang, Shuxiao (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      China has been promoting one of the world’s largest campaigns for clean heating renovation since 2017. Here, we present an integrated cost–benefit analysis in a major prefecture-level city by combining a large-scale household ...
    • Health benefits from reducing PM2.5 pollution in Hebei, China 

      Aunan, Kristin; Skeie, Ragnhild Bieltvedt (CICERO Report;2016:10, Research report, 2016)
    • Heat Stress Indicators in CMIP6: Estimating Future Trends and Exceedances of Impact-Relevant Thresholds 

      Schwingshackl, Clemens; Sillmann, Jana; Vicedo-Cabrera, Ana; Sandstad, Marit; Aunan, Kristin (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      Global warming is leading to increased heat stress in many regions around the world. An extensive number of heat stress indicators (HSIs) has been developed to measure the associated impacts on human health. Here we ...
    • Heba Fastighets AB 

      CICERO Shades of Green AS (Report, 2021-01-14)
      Category: Second Opinion, Sector: Real Estate, Issuer type: Corporate, Shading: Medium Green
    • Heimstaden Bostad 

      CICERO Shades of Green AS (Second opinions;2019:045, Report, 2019-11-05)
      Category: Second Opinion, Sector: Real Estate, Issuer type: Corporate, Shading: Medium Green
    • Helgeland Kraft 

      CICERO Shades of Green AS (Report, 2022-06-18)
      Category: Second Opinion, Sector: Energy, Issuer type: Corporate, Shading: Dark Green
    • Hemfosa 

      CICERO Shades of Green AS (Second opinions;2019:009, Report, 2019-04-26)
      Category: Second Opinion, Sector: Real Estate, Issuer type: Corporate, Shading: Medium Green
    • Hemma i Sverige AB 

      CICERO Shades of Green AS (Report, 2020-12-07)
      Category: Second Opinion, Sector: Real Estate, Issuer type: Corporate, Shading: Dark Green
    • HGR Property Partners 

      CICERO Shades of Green AS (Report, 2022-05-10)
      Category: Second Opinion, Sector: Real Estate, Issuer type: Corporate, Shading: Medium Green
    • Historical total ozone radiative forcing derived from CMIP6 simulations 

      Skeie, Ragnhild Bieltvedt; Myhre, Gunnar; Hodnebrog, Øivind; Cameron-Smith, Philip J.; Deushi, Makoto; Hegglin, Michaela I.; Horowitz, Larry W.; Kramer, Ryan J.; Michou, Martine; Mills, Michael J.; Oliviè, Dirk Jan Leo; O’Connor, Fiona M.; Paynter, David; Samset, Bjørn Hallvard; Sellar, Alistair; Shindell, Drew; Takemura, Toshihiko; Tilmes, Simone; Wu, Tongwen (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      Radiative forcing (RF) time series for total ozone from 1850 up to the present day are calculated based on historical simulations of ozone from 10 climate models contributing to the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project ...
    • Historiens kraftlinjer: Klimapolitiske posisjoner og strategier overfor utslippsintensiv industri i fem norske industrikommuner 

      Kasa, Sjur (CICERO Policy Note;2003:01, Working paper, 2003)
      Hvilke posisjoner har norske industrikommuner i den politiske prosessen rundt reguleringer av utslipp av klimagasser fra industrien og hvilke strategier anvender de for å vinne fram? Dette spørsmålet blir belyst gjennom ...
    • Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) 

      CICERO Center for International Climate Research (Second opinions;2015:007, Report, 2015-11-18)
      Category: Second Opinion, Sector: Banking, Issuer type: Financial Institution, Shading: Dark Green
    • Household Energy Use and Carbon Emissions in China: A decomposition analysis 

      Zhu, Qin; Wei, Taoyuan (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2015)
      Although its per capita carbon emissions are still relatively low, China’s aggregated carbon emissions have grown by nearly 4-fold in the last three decades, and now it is the biggest CO2 emitter in the world. There are ...
    • How aerosols and greenhouse gases influence the diurnal temperature range 

      Stjern, Camilla Weum; Samset, Bjørn Hallvard; Boucher, Olivier; Iversen, Trond; Lamarque, Jean-Francois; Myhre, Gunnar; Shindell, Drew; Takemura, Toshihiko (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      The diurnal temperature range (DTR) (or difference between the maximum and minimum temperature within a day) is one of many climate parameters that affects health, agriculture and society. Understanding how DTR evolves ...
    • How much snow falls in the world's mountains? A first look at mountain snowfall estimates in A-train observations and reanalyses 

      Daloz, Anne Sophie; Mateling, Marian; L'Ecuyer, Tristan; Kulie, Mark; Wood, Norman B.; Durand, Mikael; Wrzesien, Melissa; Stjern, Camilla Weum; Dimri, Ashok P. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      CloudSat estimates that 1773 km3 of snow falls, on average, each year over the world's mountains. This amounts to 5 % of the global snowfall accumulations. This study synthetizes mountain snowfall estimates over the four ...
    • How Regional Authorities Act Under Restricted Decentralization: Evidence from the Norwegian Transport Sector 

      Krogstad, Julie Runde; Leiren, Merethe Dotterud (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      The literature on decentralization points out that there is a tendency to limit discretion at the local level by, for example, imposing national standards. It is therefore of interest to understand how sub-national ...
    • How to make local context matter in national advice: Towards adaptive comanagement in norwegian climate adaptation 

      Westskog, Hege; Hovelsrud, Grete K.; Sundqvist, Göran (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2017)
    • How will greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles be constrained in China around 2030? 

      Zheng, Bo; Zhang, Qiang; Borken-Kleefeld, Jens; Huo, Hong; Guan, Dabo; Klimont, Zbigniew; Peters, Glen Philip; He, Kebin (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2015)
      Increasing emissions from road transportation endanger China’s objective to reduce national greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The unconstrained growth of vehicle GHG emissions are mainly caused by the insufficient improvement ...
    • Hufvudstaden 

      CICERO Shades of Green AS (Report, 2021-09-23)
      Category: Second Opinion, Sector: Real Estate, Issuer type: Corporate, Shading: Medium Green