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    • GRACE model and applications 

      Aaheim, H. Asbjørn; Orlov, Anton; Wei, Taoyuan; Glomsrød, Solveig (CICERO Reports;2018:01, Research report, 2018-01-29)
      This report is a documentation of the GRACE model. GRACE is a computable general equilibrium model aimed at supporting studies of the global consequences of human activities that affect the drivers of climate change. The ...
    • Gratiskvoter til industrien - ikke så enkelt 

      Holtsmark, Bjart (CICERO Policy Note;1999:06, Working paper, 1999)
      Stortinget ønsker et norsk marked for omsettelige utslippskvoter for klimagasser og et offentlig utvalg (Kvoteutvalget) utreder mulighetene for å etablere et marked. Et vanskelig tema er gratiskvoter som virkemiddel for å ...
    • Green Bonds and Environmental Integrity: Insights from CICERO Second Opinions 

      Clapp, Christa; Alfsen, Knut H.; Lund, Harald Francke; Pillay, Kamleshan (CICERO Policy Note;2016:01, Policy Note, 2016)
      This policy note shares insights from CICERO's experience in producing over 60 second opinions. Insights on the environmental integrity of green bonds include: 1) Management that is aligned for climate risk can give greater ...
    • Green Cargo 

      CICERO Shades of Green AS (Second opinions;2019:040, Report, 2019-10-16)
      Category: Second Opinion, Sector: Transportation, Issuer type: Corporate, Shading: Dark Green
    • Green electricity investment timing in practice: Real options or net present value? 

      Fleten, Stein-Erik; Linnerud, Kristin; Molnar, Peter; Nygård, Maria Tandberg (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2016)
      Using data from 214 hydropower projects in Norway we study whether investors in renewable energy projects exert discretion about the timing of investment decisions. We know from interviews with these investors that they ...
    • Green Electricity Market Development in the United States: Policy Analysis and Case Studies 

      Menz, Fredric C. (CICERO Working Paper;2004:02, Working paper, 2004)
      This paper reviews green electricity development in the United States, focusing on policies that have been enacted to promote green electricity. Green power is a term that refers to electricity generated from particular ...
    • Green Electricity Market Development: Lessons from Europe and the U.S. and Implications for Norway 

      Gan, Lin; Eskeland, Gunnar S.; Kolshus, Hans H.; Birkeland, Harald; van Rooijen, Sascha; van Wees, Mark (CICERO Report;2005:03, Research report, 2005)
      Various approaches to promoting green electricity were analyzed through the cases of Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United States. How has green electricity market penetration evolved, and what were the main ...
    • Green electricity policy in the Netherlands: An analysis of policy decisions 

      van Rooijen, Sascha; van Wees, Mark (CICERO Working Paper;2003:08, Working paper, 2003)
      Over the last decades, fundamental changes in both market conditions and the national and international policy framework in the Netherlands can be observed. The Dutch Government has intervened in markets regularly, ...
    • GREEN GROWTH: Policies for Transition Towards Low Carbon Economies 

      Moe, Thorvald (CICERO Policy Note;2012:01, Working paper, 2012)
    • Green transformation is a boundary object: An analysis of conceptualisation of transformation in Norwegian primary industries 

      Amundsen, Helene; Hermansen, Erlend Andre T. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      The concept of green transformation is burgeoning in the academic literature and policy discourses, yet few empirical studies investigate what the concept actually means to diverse actors, and how it manifests in practices. ...
    • Greenhouse gas economics and computable general equilibrium 

      Gottinger, Hans W. (CICERO Working Paper;1994:05, Working paper, 1994)
      _________________________________________________________ The author of this report, Hans Gottinger, has been regrettably found guilty of several counts of plagiarism. While we have no definitive proof that this particular ...
    • GreenRock Energy AG 

      CICERO Shades of Green AS (Report, 2021-01-21)
      Category: Second Opinion, Sector: Energy, Issuer type: Corporate, Shading: Dark Green
    • Grieg Seafood 

      CICERO Shades of Green AS (Second opinions;2020:017, Report, 2020-06-10)
      Category: Second Opinion, Sector: Aquaculture, Issuer type: Corporate, Shading: Medium Green
    • Group size effects in two repeated game models of a global climate agreement 

      Helland, Leif (CICERO Working Paper;2002:05, Working paper, 2002)
      What levels of total abatement can one hope for in a global climate agreement? Some potential answers to this question are provided by game theory. This working paper contains a critical discussion of two (prominent) game ...
    • Guidelines for Modeling and Reporting Health Effects of Climate Change Mitigation Actions 

      Hess, Jeremy J.; Ranadive, Nikhil; Boyer, Chris; Aleksandrowicz, Lukasz; Anenberg, Susan C.; Aunan, Kristin; Belesova, Kristine; Bell, Michelle L.; Bickersteth, Sam; Bowen, Kathryn; Burden, Merci; Campbell-Lendrum, Diarmid; Carlton, Elisabeth; Cissé, Guéladio; Cohen, Francois; Dai, Hancheng; Dangour, Alan David; Dasgupta, Purnamita; Frumkin, Howard; Gong, Peng; Gould, Robert J.; Haines, Andy; Hales, Simon; Hamilton, Ian; Hasegawa, Tomoko; Hashizume, Masachiro; Honda, Yusushi; Horton, Daniel E.; Karambelas, Alexandra; Kim, HO; Kim, Satbyul Estella; Kinney, Patrick L.; Koné, Inza; Knowlton, Kim; Lelieveld, Jos; Limaye, Vijay S.; Liu, Quyong; Madaniyazi, Lina; Martinez, Micaela Elvira; Mauzerall, Denise L.; Milner, James; Neville, Tara; Nieuwenhuijsen, Mark; Pachauri, Shonali; Perera, Frederica P.; Pineo, Helen; Remais, Justin V.; Saari, Rebecca K.; Sampedro, Jon; Scheelbeek, Pauline; Schwartz, Joel; Shindell, Drew; Syamsundar, Priya; Taylor, Timothy J.; Tonne, Cathryn; Vuuren, Detlef Van; Wang, Can; Watts, Nicholas; West, J. Jason; Wilkinson, Paul; Wood, Stephen A.; Woodcock, James; Woodward, Alistair; Xie, Yang; Zhang, Ying; Ebi, Kristie L. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      Background: Modeling suggests that climate change mitigation actions can have substantial human health benefits that accrue quickly and locally. Documenting the benefits can help drive more ambitious and health-protective ...
    • Hafslund Eco 

      CICERO Shades of Green AS (Report, 2021-03-10)
      Category: Second Opinion, Sector: Energy, Issuer type: Corporate, Shading: Dark Green
    • Half a degree and rapid socioeconomic development matter for heatwave risk 

      Russo, Simone; Sillmann, Jana; Sippel, Sebastian; Barcikowska, Monika J.; Ghisetti, Claudia; Smid, Marek; O'Neill, Brian (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      While every society can be exposed to heatwaves, some people suffer far less harm and recover more quickly than others from their occurrence. Here we project indicators of global heatwave risk associated with global warming ...
    • Hamburger Hochbahn AG 

      CICERO Shades of Green AS (Report, 2020-08-21)
      Category: Second Opinion, Sector: Transportation, Issuer type: Corporate, Shading: Dark Green
    • Handelsbanken 

      CICERO Center for International Climate Research (Second opinions;2018:017, Report, 2018-06-13)
      Category: Second Opinion, Sector: Banking, Issuer type: Financial Institution, Shading: Dark Green
    • Haugaland Kraft 

      CICERO Shades of Green AS (Report, 2021-03-15)
      Category: Second Opinion, Sector: Energy, Issuer type: Corporate, Shading: Dark Green