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  • Challenges in the harmonisation of global integrated assessment models: A comprehensive methodology to reduce model response heterogeneity 

    Giarola, Sara; Mittal, Shivika; Vielle, Marc; Perdana, Sigit; Campagnolo, Lorenza; Delpiazzo, Elisa; Bui, Ha; Kraavi, Annela Anger; Kolpakov, Andrey; Sognnæs, Ida Andrea Braathen; Peters, Glen Philip; Hawkes, Adam; Köberle, Alexandre C.; Grant, Neil; Gambhir, Ajay; Nikas, Alexandros; Doukas, Haris; Moreno, Jorge; van de Ven, Dirk-Jan (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    Harmonisation sets the ground to a solid inter-comparison of integrated assessment models. A clear and transparent harmonisation process promotes a consistent interpretation of the modelling outcomes divergences and, ...
  • The Climate Response to Emissions Reductions Due to COVID-19: Initial Results From CovidMIP 

    Jones, Chris D.; Hickman, Jonathan; Rumbold, Steven T; Walton, Jeremy; Lamboll, Robin; Skeie, Ragnhild Bieltvedt; Fiedler, Stephanie; Forster, Piers M.; Rogelj, Joeri; Abe, Manabu; Botzet, Michael; Calvin, Katherine; Cassou, Christophe; Cole, Jason N S; Davini, Paolo; Deushi, Makoto; Dix, Martin; Fyfe, John; Gillett, Nathan P.; Ilyina, Tatiana; Kawamiya, Michio; Kelley, Maxwell; Kharin, Slava; Koshiro, Tsuyoshi; Li, Hongmei; MacKallah, Chloe; Müller, Wolfgang A.; Nabat, Pierre; Van Noije, Twan; Nolan, Paul; Ohgaito, Rumi; Oliviè, Dirk Jan Leo; Oshima, Naga; Parodi, Jose; Reerink, Thomas J.; Ren, Lili; Romanou, Anastasia; Séférian, Roland; Tang, Yangming; Timmreck, Claudia; Tjiputra, Jerry; Tourigny, Etienne; Tsigaridis, Kostas; Wang, Hailong; Wu, Mingxuan; Wyser, Klaus; Yang, Shuting; Yang, Yang; Ziehn, Tilo (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    Many nations responded to the corona virus disease-2019 (COVID-19) pandemic by restricting travel and other activities during 2020, resulting in temporarily reduced emissions of CO2, other greenhouse gases and ozone ...
  • Combined impacts of climate and air pollution on human health and agricultural productivity 

    Sillmann, Jana; Aunan, Kristin; Emberson, Lisa; Büker, Patrick; van Oort, Bob; O'Neill, Connie; Otero, Noelia; Pandey, Divya; Brisebois, Anouk (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    Climate change and air pollution can interact to amplify risks to human health and crop production. This has significant implications for our ability to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (e.g. SDGs 2, 3, 13, 15) and ...
  • CO2-equivalence metrics for surface albedo change based on the radiative forcing concept: a critical review 

    Bright, Ryan M.; Lund, Marianne Tronstad (Journal article, 2021)
    Management of Earth’s surface albedo is increasingly viewed as an important climate change mitigation strategy both on (Seneviratne et al., 2018) and off (Field et al., 2018; Kravitz et al., 2018) the land. Assessing the ...
  • Health Benefits and Costs of Clean Heating Renovation: An Integrated Assessment in a Major Chinese City 

    Zhao, Bin; Zhao, Jing; Zha, Hao; Hu, Ruolan; Liu, Yalu; Liang, Chengrui; Shi, Hongrong; Chen, Simiao; Guo, Yue; Zhang, Da; Aunan, Kristin; Zhang, Shaojun; Zhang, Xiliang; Xue, Lan; Wang, Shuxiao (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    China has been promoting one of the world’s largest campaigns for clean heating renovation since 2017. Here, we present an integrated cost–benefit analysis in a major prefecture-level city by combining a large-scale household ...

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